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“I am going to make everything around me beautiful- & that will be my life”

So we bought a house 10 months ago…

If you were to walk into it right now, you’d probably think that we were in the process of moving out.

THAT is how much progress we’ve made as to getting this place looking a little more “home-y“. I am slowly but surely browsing Amazon, Etsy, Target (duh), and wherever my browser takes me to find good deals on decor without breaking the bank.

I will show you a glimpse of our work-in-progress (because you aren’t getting a full glance of my house until I know my mom is making an appearance because that’s the only time it’ll be semi-decent) and where to find them.

My featured image was a custom piece that I requested from a seller on Etsy called LoveBuiltShop. I told them what I was looking for, saw one of their designs and asked if they would do something custom for me. They were very responsive and even sent me a huge selection of templates configured in many different ways for me to choose from. This was the result. (Shipping was fast and was carefully packaged. Shipped well before quoted ship time too)

Now my collage wall… mostly Target and Shopko. The shelves are by Hearth and Hand by Magnolia and you can find them here. The wall art is Shopko and you can find them here. The picture frames were from Target. (You can google that yourself). Here

My semi-thought out wall collage in the living room. (Notice how the floor is not visible)

My kitchen sign is one of my absolute favorite quotes. Its so simple yet so romantic. I bought this from another Etsy seller named hoosierfarmhouse1. I didn’t even care what the price was so this was more of an impulse buy. I had to have it. You can find it here.

Again, very fast shipping and excellent customer service! I highly recommend them.

My beautiful wall art by hoosierfarmhouse1 on Etsy. I really need to change out that ugly track lighting.

Now making its second “appearance” on my blog is my 2-tiered galvanized metal tray that was inspired by JEM Home Design (IG: thelittlebeachcottage), but mine was purchased from Shopko. You can find it here. (The rest of that stuff you’ll have to search on Target or Shopko’s page).

My 2-tiered galvanized tray with random, semi-thought out decor.

The rest of these photos are merely browsed and randomly picked out things as I strolled through Target or Shopko’s aisles (these are my only options around where I live which is why they get multiple shout outs). There’s always Walmart… but, Target > Walmart and unfortunately for them since they’re basically neighbors Target gets my bizz-nass.

Now, decor (and baking) isn’t my niche, either but I know a few good people who do it. That is where my inspiration comes from.

Oh and Chip and Joanna.