Life change

Why Minnesota?

When I told friends and family I was ditching my home and career in beautiful, colorful Colorado to follow my [then] boyfriend to Minnesota. They thought I’d lost it. My mind, that is.

I’d get asked “you’re moving there on purpose??”, “what’s even in Minnesota?”.

I didn’t know. I just knew my future husband and his gigantic, amazing family were here, that everyone is “Minnesota nice”, and that it’s a nice place to live.

(These may all have been biased Minnesotan opinions but who cares??)

The location we chose to live in, and other areas we considered are more affordable than anywhere I’d look in Colorado without having to compromise on quality of life.

I really have experienced the Minnesota Nice culture.

Lake life is awesome. I am not as scared to enter the deep dark waters as I am in the semi shallow ocean waters. Water sports, boating, fishing– something I haven’t done in a while but haven’t newfound enjoyment for it.

The winters suck, but because they are a little harsher than Colorado winters we have discovered other ways to enjoy being out in the cold (aside from snowboarding in the Rockies… there are “mountains” here though). Ice fishing is one of those things. Ice races. Riding gators on the ice. Hockey!

It’s just simply beautiful here.

I took my sister and her husband to Duluth today. And let me show you just a glimpse. I freaking love it there. I love being in Minnesota.

She was NOT having it

Just kidding. Still not having it.

She wouldn’t leave sister’s ponytail alone.

We have beaches

Dumping sand on sister’s head.

I wanted to take home all the driftwood

What did you think??

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