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What I think my toddler wants – a poem by me

a poem by me- Ashley Cincotta

Mama, mama, can’t you hear?

I’m wide awake, let’s play!

Time to get up out of bed,

Lets get on with this day.

I’m hungry! Feed me now! Or else,

I’ll lay down on this floor.

No! Not that, or this, or that,

You know! I’m wanting something more!

Just kidding, I just wanted juice.

Mommy, I’m so funny.

But I need to fill this diaper up…

With something a little runny.

Running! That sounds like so much fun

Good luck trying to change me.

I’ll lay down for a diaper change– but!

This will make me a little angry.

Look at me mom! I’m way up high!

So I can fly just like the birds.

You blinked, I made it on the table

Faster than you could say one word.

I’m hungry now, I need to eat

But I don’t know what I want.

I’ll look and look and ponder through

My mommy’s restaurant.

Oh look I found this super yummy

Cardboard box to eat!

I’ll eat this before the food you made,

I’ll even eat my feet.

I love these toys you bought for me,

My favorite is the cat.

The remote is too, but you keep saying

“Baby, don’t play with that.”

I rub my eyes, I’m sleepy now,

Time for my daily nap.

Mommy, mommy pick me up

And set me in your lap.

I know I can’t communicate

The things I want and need

But I love you mommy, here’s a hug.

Thanks for being patient with me.

I hope you enjoyed this

3 thoughts on “What I think my toddler wants – a poem by me

  1. Ha! I haven’t had toddlers in quite a while but this brings back memories!

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