ISO: Time! Who has time for any of this?!

Probably most of you, or at least the average person has time for all of this. But me? I am in desperate need of any and all you can spare. Will be using it for the following:

  • sleep
  • getting my kids ready
  • getting myself ready
  • work
  • extracurricular activities
  • time with my husband
  • and last but not least- me time!

I swear I was given 1440 minutes a day (I googled that)- just like the rest of you! But no matter what I do I still feel short-changed.

I know, I know. Everyone says, “Go to bed earlier.” or (even worse) “Wake up earlier.”, or my favorite, “Prioritize better”. Well you know what? I suck at all of those things! Ask my poor husband. Like I said in my previous post – he’s great – I never said I was. I, on the other hand, am a straight up hot freaking mess. I am so Type B that my go-with-the-flow attitude is more like a I’ll-handle-it-when-I-get-to-it type of personality. Which doesn’t work for most things in life. I have tried “To Do” lists (that end up being more of a honey-do list), planners, calendars, you name it! The only thing that tends to work is writing crap on my hands (and making sure I don’t scrub it off when I wash them).

Liiight buullb! I should get a “To Do” list tattooed on my hand to actually be able to utilize it efficiently. But it still probably wouldn’t work.

My kids probably think I’m a maniac in the morning because my artificially sweetened tone saying “Get your shoes on, mommy’s gunna be late!” (because she sucks) turns into *Batman’s voice* “Get your shoes on!”, by the 239th time I ask demand.

Then I look at the clock. 8:02am. I swore it only said 7:45am just 5 minutes ago! Good thing our baby sitter is only a minute drive away. Go, go, go!

Then I go to work, do worky-like things, and get home around 5:30-6 o’clock at night. Eat dinner (notice how I left out make because sometimes I don’t), then its time to play games like Basketball with balloons (we don’t have an indoor hoop), or Lets be cats (which somehow evolves into me becoming a horse in the middle of the game), or The coloring game (this one I like, because it makes sense and its mellow). Then next thing you know its bath time (God forbid you have to clean your stinky butt), and then story time and then it’s whatever-else-I-can-squeeze-in time (which usually consists of me half-assing laundry). Then again, I look at the clock. 10:30pm and the husband is ready for bed.

But I’m not. I just started me-time (aka laundry while watching Friends)

I might be a whirlwind of chaos. I may never be able to find the right way to do things (or the time to do things the right way), but its definitely my way of doing things. I may complain and wonder why I am the way I am. I may try [and fail at] bettering my tactics, but when I look back at the day when I’m sitting there alone in my thoughts, I always come back to this:

Where the hell did all the time go?

So please, while I am still very happy with how my life is going, I still want those extra minutes slipped into my DMs, if you have any to spare! =P (only half-kidding)



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