Free Support! Cooomme and Get it!

Do you ever see those “super annoying” posts from your friends in your newsfeed all “Buy this, buy that!”, “Check this out!”, “Look how awesome I’m being by doing this!”?? Can you believe that they have the nerve to interrupt literally [maybe] a single minute of our day to try and promote something they enjoy??

How dare they.

As you may have noticed as of late, I am also one of those people. You know why? Because support is free. Because I enjoy supporting people doing things they love. I enjoy supporting the people who have the ability (and sometimes it takes courage) to be consistent about it. We don’t take joy in feeling like we are being “those people“. We are just here to share our hobbies/jobs/sources of income in hopes that we will get support from our family and friends. If you’re not about it, scroll by, move along. There’s no need to be rude, or laugh, or make snide remarks at us/them. (On the other hand, I know there are some consistently pushy, send invites to your inbox, texting, calling, messaging, kind of people, just ignore them or kindly say “No thanks, I’m not interested”.) If they ask you for their support, and you don’t want to, just say I’d rather keep my [insert social platform here], free of ‘advertisement’ but if there’s another way I can help, let me know.”, leave the group, or turn off notifications for said person.

I’m not here to shame those who don’t enjoy seeing things they aren’t necessarily thrilled about in their feeds. I’m just saying the mockery isn’t necessary.

If you can’t say anything nice- don’t say nothin’ at all.

I appreciate the support you all have shown me! Whether it is from sharing, to following or subscribing, or simply just visiting my page when I post. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support! NOW onto other things…

Below is a list of people I know and love who have businesses or hobbies that I support, or are looking for support. Check them out! You may discover something you never thought you needed!

Are you looking into bettering your lifestyle and have good gut health? Check out Plexus, sold by none other than my amazing sister in law, Nicole. Her Facebook group is Pink Power.

Looking for environmentally friendly cleaning supplies that help you save time and money?? Look into Norwex sold by my good friend Beth. Her facebook group page is Beth Bork—Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

Ever thought of getting a tarot reading but wasn’t sure of how to go about it or what to ask? My good friend Bretta has her own tarot reading business! Her prices are amazing and her readings (from personal experience and multiple reviews) are precise and accurate! Visit her website and multiple social platforms!
Facebook: Okaasan’s Tarot, Website: www.okaasanstarot.com, IG: @tushiku_chichika

Want to try out LuLaRoe? (This one’s hard! Because I have multiple friends who are consultants but I will #shoutout the two who I have worked with the most and have helped me out, personally) My friends Ryn, and Chrystina are amazing consultants! So many fun fabrics and prints and a large variety of styles and sizes!
FB for Ryn: Lularoe with Ryn
FB for Chrystina: Lularoe Chrystina Cortes

How about makeup and skincare? My super adorable cousin, Nicole sells LimeLight! I personally have only bought the mascara and eyeliner but with those purchases, I can say are amazing products! Her Facebook group is: Nicole’s VIP Limelight Group.

Heard of LipSense? The magical lasting lip color that hydrates your lips and won’t leave them dry! My long time friend, Windy, could probably promote a bag of trash and people would still buy it! She rocks! Her FB page is: Winded By Beauty.

Want more Hot Mess Mom reads? (Yeah, aside from mine). Check out my newfound blogger companion (#teamleo, #birthdaytwins) Regina! She has started up a new blog with a new fire and passion. She would love your support, too.  Her blog is The Hot Mess Brunette. Subscribe and follow her, too!





4 thoughts on “Free Support! Cooomme and Get it!

  1. OMGoodness!! Bless you Ashley for posting this message on your blog and giving shout outs to your friends (including me). No amount of money in the world can replace the kind of love and support you’ve always shown me. I love you lady!

  2. What an amazing friend you are to share your friends sites. “IF YOU CAN’T SAY ANYTHING NICE- DON’T SAY NOTHIN’ AT ALL.” I say this all the time!

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