Poshmark + Fashion = Budget Friendly


Are you into fashion? But not that into fashion? Like, you really want to be but you’re in a #ballingonabudget type status?

That’s me. 100%.

I looked everywhere looking for the convenience of online shopping without the online shopping prices. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still like all the cutesy boutiques and lulu’s, but with two kids, and the funds I set aside for my coffee, (bills, too, I guess(>.<) ), I can’t always afford to shop at retail pricing.

Then I discovered Poshmark. [← this will take you to my personal Poshmark closet]

Some people automatically think “Ew, I don’t want other people’s used clothes”, (which I am not frowning upon) and others don’t care. I, personally, am on team #idontcare. However,  there are sooo many options for both opinions. There are many people on there who buy wholesale (which you can also do through Poshmark, itself) and then resell it. The perk to that is most closets have a bundling deal where if you add two or more items from the same closet to a bundle, you automatically get a discount (the seller has to have preset this discount on their settingsOR you can also make on offer on said items. Keep in mind that the seller may also have their own set of rules (which is totally acceptable) that they don’t accept offers and prices are firm so just make sure you’re reading their rules before placing offers.

Now for those of you on team #idontcare, or are looking for an avenue to sell or clean out their own closets, you can seriously get some amazing steals on gently used clothing. (There are some iffy people, like many places, who will pull a fast one or sell crap). You can follow name brands, and browse those only, or you can search specific styles and browse people’s closets. There are also many people who are willing to trade! So you can comment on something you like and say  “Hey, would you be willing to trade this for blah blah from my closet” and then you’re still getting rid of stuff you never wear and just trading it for stuff you would wear. Or simply buying gently used clothing for pretty cheap! I have done both, traded and bought and the payment/payout process is simple and easy!

Let me know if you’re interested in either buying or selling! Just leave a comment or email me! I’d love to help you out.

Also, keep in mind these people are trying to make something off their items so please, no low ball offers. #dontbethatguy.




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