Where do I begin??

Hi guys!

I decided to venture on a new journey and invest in blogging. I have no idea what I’m doing [yetso I’m sure it will be a mess for some time. For those of you who are visiting I figured I’d start off with an introductory entry. So here goes nothing! (or everything)

My name is Ashley, I’m 29 years young, I am a mom of two kids aged 7 and 1, and wife to an amazing man (Matt). I have a very colorful upbringing thanks to the military and have started many new adventures in many places. Japan and Colorado being where I claim “home”.  I am half Filipino and half white, but I mostly get that I look hispanic. *shrug*. I have one sister (6 years younger) who took all the white genes and I took the milkman’s genes. JOKING- Our parents are still together. But seriously, we hardly look alike.

I mainly plan to blog about #momlife , relate-able topics, humor and [eventually] help you guys find amazing deals to make life easier. I am a super sappy person so I will be here to make you laugh and cry and hopefully make this place a happy community! SO drop a line! Say hi!

I am looking forward to this hopefully long lasting journey!


“When I tell my kids I’ll ‘do something in a minute‘, I’m really thinking ‘please forget‘.” (only half kidding!)


What did you think??

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